Pony Trail Farm

Dzimianski's ADGA Saanen Dairy Goats and 
AKC Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Dogs

Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardians: 
AKC Registered, OFA and Embark Health Tested
See Current Litters for information on available puppies, and photo gallery for past litters (all sold). Please email us directly at ponytrailfarm@gmail.com to inquire about Great Pyrenees puppies and to be put on our waiting list.  See Terms of Sale for details about our contract and health guarantee. 

Saanen Dairy Goats:
 Please see our "SAANEN DAIRY GOATS" page for current availability of our ADGA American Saanens.   

Welcome to Pony Trail Farm

Pony Trail Farm is located in the rolling hills of beautiful Northeast Georgia, just north of Athens. The farm was founded in 1994 with the purchase of
unimproved property. Through the following years, we brought the land from wilderness to a lovely family farm. The first livestock on Pony Trail Farm was a pair of ponies named Princess and Bo. These were soon joined by three Quarter Horses and some poultry.

In 1999 we purchased the foundation stock for our Saanen dairy goat herd from Rock Point Farms. We knew at the time that we wanted disease-free stock, but we did not know anything about dairy goat bloodlines. We accidentally stumbled onto some of the best genetics in the Saanen breed, and have learned to love these beautiful, quiet and productive animals.

From our original three Saanen does, we built a herd of about 50 animals, but now maintain a small herd that meets the needs of our family, allowing us to make milking does available for purchase each year. We have been very active in the dairy goat industry in our state and on a national level as well. Our herd is Certified, Accredited, and tests negative for CAE. We have been Scrapie Certified since November 30, 2005. We show our animals throughout the Southeast and have developed a very competitive herd. We participate in DHI testing and Linear Appraisal and have been pleased with the performance of our animals. See Herd Management for herd health information.

When we purchased our first goats, we also bought a pair of Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs to protect our herd.

Today the farm bustles with activity. Several Welsh ponies have replaced Princess and Bo. The goats get better each year, and pay for their feed through show wins. The Pyrenees run back and forth in the pasture, always on the watch for predators. Children run back and forth caring for the animals and playing in the expansive yard. Allow yourself to relax and enjoy the experience of farm life as you view each page of our site.

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